Soooo… this transition video is AMAZING

I really thought I’d seen all the MtF transition timelines out there, but this one has a damned alternative title so it escaped my notice until now. And I’m literally crying from how inspiring this woman’s transition is. Not only is she utterly gorgeous (and while looks aren’t important, this girl gots it), what’s really striking is how her smile gets increasingly genuine throughout the video. She goes from a dead mask to a radiant goddess!

Brianna Rose, I just love you! If you ever read this, your wedding photos were fabulous! (That was the part I cried at, btw)


3 thoughts on “Soooo… this transition video is AMAZING

  1. Breanna C. says:

    Hey! This is briannarose99 from YouTube. A friend linked me here after finding your page, and I wanted to say thank you for the sweet writeup. The events of that video truly were the journey of a lifetime, and it still continues to this day 🙂

    Thank you for sharing!


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