TRANSPHORIA Transgender Pop Song Mash-up (Demo)

Droppin Logic

So this Christmas break I was on my back with the flu and I got bored, and I ended up making this trans-themed mash-up (very Dj Earworm inspired although not nearly as smooth). Last month I also started making a music video for it, and at some point I’ll release the whole thing as an awesome inspiring trans-2014 Youtube sensation. As of right now I don’t have the time to finish it, but the song demo is done.

There’s a lot of empty spaces in the beginning of the song which will be filled by soudbytes from clips of trans vloggers, trans news items, and film quotes.

Please give me feedback! I’m looking for constructive criticism. This mash-up was a learning experience, and hopefully the next one will be better. If there are any parts that you found awkward or in need of tweaking, please let me know.


4 thoughts on “TRANSPHORIA Transgender Pop Song Mash-up (Demo)

  1. I really like it 🙂 To be honest the only criticism I would give on it is that maybe your being too hard on yourself. I didn’t hear anything that I felt needed to be change and your choices where great, the transitions where smooth. I liked it so much I have listen to it three times now. 🙂


  2. A bit strange for my taste. I admire your talent and your passion. The Transeuphoria song toward the end was the most captivating as I listened to the words. The Elton John piece toward the beginning needs just a little tune up on some of the pitches. God bless you in Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. 🙂


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