Meet Eliana Rubashkyn

elianaWhat would you do if the simple fact of who you are brought about discrimination, abuse, slander, and ostracization?

One of the most courageous women on the internet right now with a very moving story is my dearly beloved Eliana Rubashkyn, a Columbian transgender woman who blogs about her experiences at Eliana moved from her incredibly transphobic home country to Taiwan to begin a new life, which included medical studies at Taipei University and hormone replacement therapy.

Because of the intense changes brought about to her physical appearance by hormones, Eliana was requested by the Taiwan government to renew her Visa. She dutifully set off to Hong Kong to visit the nearest Colombian consulate, not knowing how transphobia would turn her overnight into a victim and refugee.

You can hear about the rest of her story here:

To learn more about Eliana’s story, read her posts about her airport and refugee experience (1, 2, 3), or this LGBT Hong Kong pamphlet.

How can I help Eliana?

As a sister in need, Eliana is asking for our aid in improving her situation and fighting for trans* rights.

The first way you can help is to donate through her blog. You can donate to Eliana through her mom’s Paypal Account:


Eliana’s Mom email:

You can also help her by spreading her blog to raise awareness regarding the discrimination she faces daily. I recently nominated her for a Liebster Award. Post her link on your blog, twitter, or facebook to bring her story to others.

Finally, you can use this form to send a petition to the UN’s Refugee Agency (UNHCR) to get Eliana out of Hong Kong and to a country where she will be safe.


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