Giving birth, being adopted, becoming a “transphobe,” hating reality TV, and generally entertaining revelations against my will

For months now my posts here and at catholictrans have been building up to a new direction. I realize in retrospect that everything I’ve posted recently, original material or otherwise, have been the contractions leading up to massive labor pains. For many insomniac nights I’ve been squinting at my dark ceiling and seeing patterns of motion, webs of ideas, and clashing good n’ evil in such a large vista that my small human mind can’t actually piece it all together and I feel literally insane. But slowly, the different pieces that I feel to be interconnected are presenting themselves to me in an orderly queue. Continue reading


Well, that’s the last time I go to Mass in boy clothes

So today a little social experiment of mine fell flat on its face.

Alright, it was more an accidental vignette that only came about because I’m terribly lazy on Sundays. I didn’t leave myself enough time to get ready for Mass, so as the seconds ticked away until the start of the liturgy, I just threw all care to the wind and went to church in guy clothes.

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