Hi, I’m Anna Magdalena!


My hobbies include film making, writing, poetry, reading Jane Austen, praise & worship, boxing, cooking, collaging, swing dancing, singing, feminism, philosophy, and game design. BLEGH, that’s a mouthful!

Role Models!

My role models include (but are not limited to) Dorothy Day, Teresa of Avila, Joan of Arc, Jane Austen, Christopher Nolan, Terrence Malick, Jessica Chastain, Laverne Cox, Julia Serano, Chief Sitting Bull, and Teddy Frickin’ Roosevelt. I’ve also made it my life mission to be best friends with Ellen Page. Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Watson can tag along too.

Why the color purple!?

For whatever reason, in my early coming out as transgender the color purple took on a deep significance to me. It’s the color I feel my soul to be, which is appropriate having been raised as a boy but feeling like a semi-tomboyish low-femme feminist-in-florals. I still impulse-buy way too many purple things.

I study philosophy and film, mostly film. See y’all in Hollywood!

I’m Italian American and oh-so proud of it.

I love you all, and I hope you enjoy my blog! Please stop by again!


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